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new collage – daHncer

i find myself making simple collages more and more lately. i do love ones that have more of a busy feel to them, but every time in recent history i’ve tried to make something more complicated it just doesn’t feel right. i feel like i’m in a mini experimental phase right now and i don’t want to feel stuck to one ‘look’.

that’s the way to go forward though, i feel. if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere you can’t keep going in circles have to break out. i’m reminded of when i was in college, i was in a place in my life where i felt like i was stuck in a rut, like i was never going to ‘escape’ from the life i was in. it forced me to be more daring and more experimental.

daHncer gif
and that’s how i feel now. i feel stuck. i feel like despite all my efforts nothing is going my way. finances are low and getting lower every day and there’s no signs (that i see) of anything improving in any near future – so i may as well break out again and let my creative juices really flow. as well as continue looking for jobs. but being creative is the thing that keeps me (somewhat, ha!) sane so i’m going to go all out.

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