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new collage – callie thorpe of from the corners of the curve

callie thorpe by laura redburn

callie thorpe by laura redburn

say hello to (my collage of) the beaut callie of from the corners of the curve! callie is a fellow welsh lass & she’s pretty damn awesome and inspirational. i love her style and would totally wear most of what she wears. if we were friends and the same size i would totally be *ahem* ‘borrowing’ her clothes.

i think i will do a couple more of these, but i’m not sure who. any suggestions? i was thinking for the last one i might do some sort of giveaway where you can enter to be chosen for me to collage one of you. sound good? i’ll put something up along those lines some time soon.

if you haven’t seen, here’s my collages of sadefritha, olivia, kailey and ron.

like what you see and want to commission me? get in touch!

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  • Reply Elle @ keep it simpElle 21/09/2015 at 10:19

    I would defo enter your competition to win one of your collages of me :) great blog btw! found you via found some paper x

    • Reply laura redburn 01/10/2015 at 12:55

      double yay! i’m not sure how to go about the competition (as in, should i do it via the blog or twitter) ..and how can i do it in a way that only people who really wanted it would enter? i really don’t want to waste my time for someone that may not appreciate it :(

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