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i’ve been a real convert to oatcakes over these past few gluten free years. gluten free bread still isn’t that good, and the only ones (that i’ve tried) that i will happily eat on a semi regular basis are genius and marks & spencers own. they’re almost comparable to ‘normal’ bread! i still need to try and make my own…

but in the meantime, as a bit of a crunch lover, oatcakes have been a welcome fixture for snacking and small meals. i typically go for the plain nairns oatcakes (pictured above) but was sent some of their super seeded ones to try too. the only reason i don’t have a picture of them instead is because they went so quickly, whoops! but a good sign, right?

nairns gluten free super seeded oatcakes

nairns gluten free oatcakes close up

to be honest there’s not too much to say. they have the same taste as the plain oatcakes, but have more texture because of the seeds. the seeds do add a hint of flavour, but once you’ve added something on top of the oatcakes, or are dipping them in soup for example, it’s not as noticeable. these are definitely one of those things you wouldn’t notice were specifically gluten free if you were sharing with non coeliac family or friends. you honestly would not know the difference.

my go-to with oatcakes is some cottage cheese with a touch of yeast extract spread. is that a weird combo? i like it. or things like cheese and cucumber …or little slice of chicken with some spread. as above, good for dipping or crumbling in soup too!

i generally prefer nairns oatcakes over other brands because they’re more finely milled. which means although they have a bit of a crunch, they feel a little more easy to eat. if you prefer something a bit more coarse, look for ‘rough’ oatcakes. also, like many gluten free products of this kind, they’re also vegan – so if that’s important to you and you’re coeliac too, that’s one less thing to miss out on.

nairns also do gluten free museli, crackers, biscuits and flatbreads if you’re looking to try other products from them. i’ve not tried any yet, so can’t comment. based on other nairns products though, i imagine they’ll be great.

one more important thing to say – try the nairns cheese oatcakes! they’re SO good. they taste just like mini cheddars (are gluten free mini cheddars a thing? i need to know.) which i miss a lot. they’re even nice just by themselves, as they seem to have a bit of ‘moisture’, so they don’t have that dryness most oatcakes have.

nairns gluten free super seeded oatcakes packet information

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