my 6 favourite android camera apps

i know, this sort of post has been done so many times, both on personal blogs and tech blogs. but i figured there still must be people out there that have android phones that might feel stuck for options, and i thought it’d be nice if i could help even one person discover a new and useful photo app.

it seems like everybody and their mother has an iphone, but there are also a LOT of others out there that have android based phones too. there are some awesome apps (camera and non camera) that are on android only, so i’m sharing a couple of those, along with ones that are available both on android and iphone.

oh, and just fyi: my phone is a samsung galaxy s3 mini, and i’m running jellybean.

android camera - stock camera
stock android camera – availability: android (official google stock camera)
in terms of actual camera apps, the stock android one is probably the one i use most on my phone to take photos. it’s fast and basic, and is easy to customise in terms of exposure, white balance etc. i find the jellybean one to be much better than the original gingerbread one that was on my phone before i upgraded.

it can be a bit hit and miss, but i don’t know if that’s due to the camera or the app. generally though it pretty much does what you need it to!

android camera - vignette
vignette – availability: android only
i love vignette. i’ve used it for years on various phones, and has often been the first thing i’ve downloaded after more necessary apps. it may just be my phone, but it seems to focus faster and take slightly sharper photos than on the stock camera. most of the time i use that as an alternate camera if the stock one isn’t doing what i want.

you can also do things like double exposures, time lapses and grid photos too. the double exposures take a bit of practice, but it’s really fun. there’s also a ton of filters, and you can even choose it to randomly select one if you want. if you choose a specific filter, you can fine tune it more ..for example, remove the frame or change the intensity.

android camera - little camera
little photo  – availability: android only
this is another one i’ve had for a very long time. i don’t use it as much as i used to, but it’s pretty nifty. one of my favourite things is that you can adjust the intensity of the filters you apply, as well as stack them on top of each other. most of the filters are a bit strong for my liking, so i reduce them first. you can also do basic editing like rotating, brightness/contrast etc.

filters i use/like the most: lomo film ii & iii, white shine, outage, 2 hand lens ii, minute.

android camera - line camera
android camera - line camera-design-interface
line camera – availability: android and iphone
this one is mostly just for fun for me. although you can do basic photo editing, and there is a ‘beauty’ option, what i like it for best is the stickers and the ability to draw on your photos. i mostly use it on photos of ava to make her look like she’s wearing a hat or something. it’s like a phone version of covering your folders with stickers and doodles. there’s a vast range of free stickers available, some of which need to be downloaded. if you have a little cash to spare you can also download paid ones too.

stickers i use/like the most: hand, fruit, food, toy kingdom, flower3.

android camera - square instapic
square instapic – availability: android only
you know sometimes you have a lovely landscape or portrait photo and want to share it on instagram but you can’t do it without cropping out most of the picture? this app allows you to fit your rectangular images into the instagram square. you can even change the background of the rest of the square so that it’s another colour or even patterned. you can also do collages with this app but i only use it for its magic rectangle into a square capabilites.

android camera - vsco
VSCO – availability: android and iphone
vsco has fast become my favourite editing app. i was rather impatiently waiting for it to come to android after seeing some amazing  iphone photos edited using the app. i can’t remember when exactly, but i think it came to android at the beginning(ish) of 2014? prior to vsco i was using snapseed which is fantastic, but i personally prefer vsco.

you can do your basic cropping, rotating, brightness/contrast, but you can also use things like highlight/shadow save, change the colour temperature, and edit the colour tone of the highlights and shadows. there’s quite a lot of filters available too, most are free and included, but there are free and paid ones you can download too.

pretty much my only gripe with this app is that you can’t stack filters on top of each other. i work around this by doing what i want then ‘sharing’ the image back into vsco so i can add another filter on top if i want. some of the filters are ace as is though.

filters i use/like the most: a6, b1, b5, c1, g3, h3, k1, and p5.

what are your favourite android photo apps?

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