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doughnuts and more; sweet things patterns

doughnut pattern painted with watercolours on white background

mmm, doughnuts. when i was painting these it gave me a serious craving for some. good thing i wasn’t painting from life ..they wouldn’t have lasted long! i was thinking too, maybe doing a piece with all the sweet things that isn’t a pattern, but rather a collection of what i’ve painted. we’ll see.

i find it ever so soothing yet addictive making patterns. the whole process of doing so too, from thinking to what i want in it, painting the individual elements, and the putting together of the actual painting. it’s rekindled my love of painting which i am so grateful for. i’ve wanted a ‘reason’ to get back into and better at drawing and painting as i feel i kind of abandoned it for a while there.

doughnut pattern painted with watercolours on black background

painting is actually kind of how i got into collage too. i was looking to add a bit more dimension into my work, and collage turned out to be the perfect thing for me. watercolour and gouache has always been my thing, though i do like to use a bit of acrylic here and there too. i’ve never really been able to get into oils, no matter how hard i try. maybe that’s something i’ll get into later in life. i’d definitely love to learn more as oils are a fascinating medium.

anyway! here’s the (doughnut and other) patterns i’ve been working on.

update: the doughnut patterns are available to buy as prints, iphone cases, throw pillows, tote bags and more.

pattern with polka dot teacup and strawberries painted with watercolours

pattern with polka dot teacup, strawberries, doughnuts, cake and chocolate eclairs

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