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more fruity patterns!

as you may or may not know, last week i did some watercolour paintings of fruit that i turned into summer inspired patterns. after that i made a few more this week as seen below, (sections of them, anyway) including one where i used all the fruits i’d painted. i’m going to maybe do a couple more this week, then i’m going to do some dessert ones. from healthy to ..not so healthy. but still delicious.

i’m really enjoying painting more again. it’s a lifelong love of mine, but up until recently i’d not really done much as i felt lacking in confidence with what i’ve been doing. probably mostly because i’d left it so long without regularly drawing or painting. the only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice!

what’s your favourite dessert or sweet thing? let me know in the comments and it may get made!

pattern with pineapple coconut and kiwi fruit painted with watercolours

pattern with banana papaya and lychee with black background painted with watercolours

pattern with banana lychee and papaya on white background painted with watercolours

pattern with various fruit painted with watercolours

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