more bits and pieces.

following on from this post about my favourite bits and pieces, here’s some more photos i took of some of my favourite accessories (aside from brooches of course); rings and flowers for my hair. is there an actual name for these?

i’ve worn a flower in my hair for years now, and my head feels empty without one. i used to have a beautiful white one that looked like a real flower, but i lost it, which i’m still kind of upset about as i’ll probably never find one the same. i would love a few that look more life like, but they’re obviously out of my price range at the moment. if i don’t wear flowers, i wear my peacock headband, but i don’t have a photo of that. i always seem to get a lot of compliments when i’m wearing it too, so that’s kind of a bonus.

close up with hand and rings

hands are so weird when you look at them in photos. i’m not sure what it is exactly, but they make me feel a bit strange though. i have this thing where i see my hands in the corner of my eyes, or if i see someones hands i’ve never seen before, i have to count to make sure there’s five. i don’t even think about it, and i can’t help but do it. i know that’s really strange. ANYWAY.

the ring on my ring finger is my absolute favourite. i bought it about 6 years ago and have worn it every day since. it has no real sentimental meaning to me, other than i’m just so used to seeing it there. the turquoise one i only got recently (£3 in charity shop, score! and it’s real silver too!) but it fast became one of my favourite becase of the turquoise (obviously) and because it’s simple and pretty, and i like how it looks with the other ring.

snake ring and turquoise ring

i don’t normally wear cocktail rings, mostly because often they’re the ones that make your fingers green! you can put clear nail varnish on them to stop that, but i always forget. i very rarely wear gold jewellery but this is an exception because, you guessed it ..turquoise! i would love a real silver or sterling silver snake ring. i love this one, but it’s got the whole green-finger-making thing going on so i don’t wear it as often as i’d like. a ring with some kind of bug or beetle would be amazing too! do you have any recommendations?

silver amethyst rings

i love purple too, almost as much as turquoise, but it’s a colour i like to wear in moderation so rings are perfect for that. the left one was a bit of an impulse buy, a cheapie ring from dorothy perkins. aside from the colour, i just liked the pyramid style setting of the stone. the right one is ever so pretty when it’s on. it has a slight art deco look to it which is one of my favourite eras in terms of style, so it’s a keeper for sure!

flower hair accessories

here’s a few of my hair flowers. i do have more actually, but these are the ones i wear most often. they definitely look better in person! i love wearing them with my hair slightly curled, or with heidi or a messy french braid.  my hair is super thin, so they kind of add a bit of volume and thickness to my hairstyles.

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