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monochrome mania

i wouldn’t call my self a trend follower at all, but that doesn’t mean i don’t keep my eye on trends from time to time as a way to discover new fashion, products, art & etc. i’m of firm belief that you should dress and style your self, home, or whatever in a way that best reflects your personality. if something you like happens to be ‘in’ at the moment, so be it!

i feel that because there are so many people out there that just follow trends and fads, and seemingly have absolutely no style of their own they lose their identity. or did they have any in the first place? if you choose pieces you truly love (or just really, really want) they will stay with you a lot longer, rather than becoming a wasteful purchase bought on by the media and peer pressure.

bit of an unexpected rant there. monochrome seems to be a big thing lately (hasn’t it always been though?) and i have been finding some monochrome things i’d like to share with you.

black and white sandals

doodle clogs // shop pour porter 

black and white photo by vanessa forsten

photo // vanessa forsten

black and white polka dot socks

 huh magazine // happy socks

art nouveau style dress

warehouse  // monochome panel dress

monochrome geometric pattern

matthew craven //

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