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side table and mirror - bedroom makeover

i was sent vouchers for the purpose of this post.

it’s amazing how just a few new things can make such a huge difference to how a room looks, isn’t it? plus a sunny day helps too! some time ago we decided to use our small dark spare room as our main room, as we found the street lights and traffic noise from the front room meant we weren’t getting the best sleep we could. of course it’s a fab room for working in as it’s by far the lightest room in the flat, but come bed time you want somewhere dark and quiet. or, well, we do.

because it’d been a spare room for so long, we’d not really done much to it other than put one of my bookshelves in there and use the extra space for letting clothes dry when it’s raining outside. glamourous, i know. thanks to homebase i had the opportunity to perk it up a bit, and it’s definitely a nicer room to be in. i still want a nice rug and some thick curtains, but it’s a lot better than it was!

side table with plant and books

selection of art and illustration books

triangle pattern bed set - bedroom makeover

succulent plants

i think the two things that make the main difference (in terms of making it feel lighter and bigger) are the mirror and bed set. the mirror is almost opposite the window, so it reflects the light coming in, and because the duvet cover is mostly white that reflects some of the light too. we only have two bed sets so having another was my main reason for getting it though! another thing that made it feel instantly better was bringing some plants and i can’t for the life of me think why i’d not done so before. i have plenty so no harm in spreading them about right? plants make everything better.

i absolutely love the side table, and so glad i got that rather than a bedside table, but saying that i might actually move it and put it by my bed instead of the plastic-y thing i have there now. the mid century feel is totally to my tastes and an affordable way to bring a bit of retro into the home.

framed vintage marie france cover

marimekko wallpaper lined baskets

this cute french marie claire cover was begging to be looked at so i got a frame for it and put it atop a stack of magazines that have my work in. i also got a couple of baskets to put ‘clutter’ in – stuff like my inhaler, sellotape …things that are useful to have to have to hand but look messy just laying about. i cut into a marimekko wallpaper sample to pop inside to make it a little nicer too (secured with spray adhesive). easiest DIY ever! i did want to spray paint the baskets a different colour but decided i like them white.

how would you make over your room if you had the chance? would you make it look brighter, add a statement piece or use some smaller bits to perk it up?

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  • Reply Jessica 27/08/2015 at 11:22

    I actually still live at home at the moment because I’m saving up for an apartment but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I want to decorate it. I think the easiest way is to get really neutral/plain furniture and paint and then you can do whatever you like and makeover the room with cushions and plants and curtains and change up the decorations whenever you feel like it. I’m not at the decorating stage yet since I’m yet to buy but I’m going to be SO ready for it when the time comes!

    jessica –

    • Reply laura redburn 30/08/2015 at 13:11

      haha, yeah i getcha. it’s hard not to imagine a new (or current) place looking exactly how you want it to!

  • Reply Sheridadaily 17/08/2016 at 09:01

    Oh that’s a nifty idea, putting mirrors opposite a window so they reflect light – I’m definitely trying that out! I’m moving into my very first apartment this month, and I can’t wait to have plants and mirrors EVERYWHERE! Haha!

    Lovely post, Laura!

    • Reply laura redburn 09/09/2016 at 08:36

      mirrors can make such a huge difference, and you can be really creative with them too if you want. and oh, how exciting!

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