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luck comes from hard work

do you believe in luck? if you do, how do you think it comes about?

personally, i don’t believe in luck in the sense of ‘if you’re lucky, something good will happen’. i feel it’s more of a case of if you work hard, put yourself out there, you are more likely to be presented with opportunities. but that didn’t fit so well on an image!

when it comes to, say ..winning the lottery, that’s just probabilities. you may see that as cynical, but that’s just what i think. but when it comes to creativity, business and anything like that, that you have more control over, opportunities come from working hard, communicating and a little (or a lot) of patience.

if you want something, it’s up to you to be proactive. make a plan, and get started!

luck comes from hard work - illustration by laura redburn
illustration © laura redburn 2014

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