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Sometimes I just want to post some photos, and don’t want to write a whole load of stuff alongside. Of course it’s good to get your thoughts out, explain work processes or express your opinion, but sometimes you kind of just want to go ‘have a look at this!’. So, from time to time, instead of book reviews I’d just like to share the insides of some books I own, or have borrowed from the library. Books that invariably have interesting images and might provide inspiration to anyone looking. Simple as that really!

George Braque poster

Marc Chagall poster

So, this book I found at work. It’s called The Original Posters of Braque * Chagall * Dufy * Leger * Matisse * Miro * Picasso and, well, the title is pretty self explanatory. There’s an introduction at the front, and the rest of the book is copies of posters from these artists. Incase you’re curious, the cover is a Matisse piece. I didn’t really know the work of Raoul Dufy before discovering this book, so it was nice to see some of his work.

If you want to have a virtual flick-through I’ve filmed a short video of me doing so, so you can see inside. The video is at the bottom of the post! My favourite piece in the book is the Miro piece I’ve taken a photo but I love most of the Matisse and Leger pieces too. Do you have a favourite?


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Raoul Dufy poster

Fernand Leger poster

Henri Matisse poster

Joan Miro poster

Picasso poster

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