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presley glasses c/o glasses direct

i love my bold, rounded retro glasses (the ‘nancy’ frames), but i’ve been looking for something a bit more understated for a while now. i still want some more obvious cat eye shaped ones (perhaps some designer glasses that i won’t tire of), but it’s nice to have a pair that still have that vintage/retro look in a shape that is a bit more classical and suited to the every-day.

when i first tried these on, i wasn’t actually sure if they suited me. i’m so used to wearing more rounded/oval frames that my brain wasn’t sure how to process something a little wider and slightly more rectangular. after wearing them for a week i feel they do actually suit me and i just needed to get used to them.

whilst i do love my nancy frames, i do notice that if i wear them for a prolonged amount of time, they tend to push in a bit behind my ears, and for some reason they steam up very fast too! these must be a touch bigger as they fit absolutely perfectly so there’s no rubbing. the frames and arms are a little lighter and thinner with the presley frames too, so they feel very natural to wear.

these look absolutely fantastic with everything in my wardrobe, and the tortoiseshell frames are a little softer on my fair skin. these are from the new london retro retrospectiv collection ..i was tempted to go with the ‘loren’ frames but felt they’d be a bit overwhelming for my face. glasses direct actually offer a free home trial service, so that you can try on a few before you commit.

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      haha me too, i have so many tortoiseshell covered things. the first time i realised i loved it was when i was in an antiques shop with my nan when i was a kid and i found a beautiful hand fan with a tortoiseshell handle. still rather fond of fans too, come to think of it!
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