london retro jubilee glasses

london retro jubilee glasses

london retro jubilee glasses ℅ glasses direct

well hello new glasses! i accidentally broke my spare pair, and have been looking for a new spares for when i want a change from wearing my presley frames. i’m typically drawn to the same sort of styles, but sometimes i have trouble choosing what will look best, especially when ordering online. i don’t have one of those faces that will suit anything (sadly), so it’s always nice to try some on first, so this time round i decided to try the home trial!

london retro glasses home trial

my eyes were instantly drawn to the eliza (top right) and the jubilee (top and bottom left) and i thought i’d go with a slightly more rectangular pair as a wildcard. once you’ve chosen you get your choices sent in the post with plain lenses, you try them on (and/or take photos like i did!) pop them back in the packaging and send them back. you can do this as many times as you like until you find your perfect pair.

luckily for me, my instinct worked well and the two frames i was drawn to were the ones that suited me best. i instantly narrowed it down to the black jubilee frames, and the eliza. i loved the eliza for the cat eye, but felt like perhaps the shape wasn’t quite right. i love cat eye frames, but think the slightly bigger, rounded style ones suit me better.

i ended up choosing the jubilee frames because i thought they edged it out, i felt most comfortable in them, and would be suitable for everyday. plus they’re still nice enough for when i’m more dressed up.

what do you think? did i make the right choice?

ps. if you order through this link (affiliate) you can get £30 off your first order! your frames must cost £55+ to be eligible for this discount and boutique frames are excluded.

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  • Reply Meg Siobhan 28/10/2015 at 11:25

    They’re a really cute frame choice!

    Cat eye frames are something I REALLY want, purely because I’ve had my eye on them for some time (no pun intended but oh so hilarious to me) I think they’d actually make me feel a little more confident? Definitely need to get my eyes tested again soon, so maybe I’ll choose from from Glasses Direct, if I do!

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