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london retro barbs glasses ℅ glasses direct

i love a pair of glasses that have a bit of quirk and character, especially if they have a vintage style.

if i was a bit more outgoing i’d love to try some that were some crazy colours or unusual shapes, but the london retro barbs are the perfect mix of vintage cat eye (that little flick, so cute!) and something quite modern and wearable. the frame is quite bold, but not over the top, and the look of them is feminine without being cutesy.

i love the name of these, as they reminded me of barb from stranger things (which is back soon for a second series, wahoo!) though she didn’t wear glasses like these. saying that, shannon purser, who plays barb could TOTALLY rock these.

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i’ve noticed over the past couple years, my eyesight is definitely getting worse. i can tell it’s better than most people that wear glasses, but the slight longsightedness in one eye, and shortsightedness in the other has caused so many headaches (and migraines) and dizzy spells in the past. you wouldn’t think someone who could see relatively well – albeit a bit fuzzily – would benefit so much from glasses, but my goodness, the past few years  i’ve been wearing them have reduced my headaches, sore eyes and dizziness issues dramatically.

i know they’ll get worse but for know, i appreciate what i have! i think i may need tinted lenses too, which is something i’m going to look into and discuss when my next eye test comes around. i think that would be harder to adjust to, but if they make a difference then i’m happy to take that on.

instead of bashing glasses, i quite quickly figured, i may as well make them part of my style. now, i feel almost ~naked~ without them as i would without a swipe of lipstick. until i get the prescription changed in my presley frames, which have been my ‘go to’ since i got them, these new frames have fast become a favourite and add a bit of glamour without being outrageous.

glasses from glasses direct

london retro barbs glasses from glasses direct

glasses direct london retro barbs

what do you think of them? if you’re a glasses wearer, what kinds of frames do you prefer? do you always stick to the same sort of thing, or do you like to mix it up?

by the way, did you know glasses direct offer a free home trial service? if you like the look of a few pairs, and can’t decide which you like best, or if they will suit you, this is a fantastic way to try before you buy. i tried the home trial service a while ago if you want to have a look into it!

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