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various pencils and craft sketchbook

almost this exact time last year i attended an awesome #cbloggers event hosted by london graphic centre. it was so fun, and i love that a company out there wanted to work with us ‘creative bloggers’ and especially ones that are focused on the art and illustration side of things. in blog terms, things like this don’t seem to happen in wales at all, so it’s always a joy to attend events like this. come on wales, up your game!

if you live in london, or happen to be passing by on the 4th october, london graphic centre are hosting a student day full of workshops and things to do. i’m not a student anymore, but it sounds ace! i know a few of you that read my blog *are* students though, and would love to go to a fun, creative activity packed event so i wanted to help spread the word a bit.

if you’re not already tempted then just wait a moment and read ahead: you can sign up for a student card for 20% off store wide during the event, and if you spend over £15 on the day you will receive a goody bag (subject to supply) packed with lots of cool stationery. if that isn’t good enough, 1 in every 8 bags contains a bonus prize worth up to £130. i know what it’s like being a design/illustration student with a budget, so attending something like this will save you loads of money in the long run. plus you get to drool over all that stationery!

if you want a sneak peek of what’s in the bag, i was kindly sent one, so my photos here include a small selection of the items as well as a little preview of the bag itself.

so if you’re an illustration/creative student, and you can get to the covent garden london graphic centre store between 10am and 7pm on tuesday 4th, i’d highly recommend. have fun!

various stationery supplies including washi tape and micron pen

preview of london graphic centre student day bag

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