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havill yellow throwmomo sofa / sakura cushion / flap wall clock / bobby floor lamp

we are on a seemingly constant effort to improve our living room. as it is now it’s the best it’s been, but there’s still some things i would like to do to improve it further. two of the main things are to have a nice vintage or retro style sofa instead of the horrible lumpy thing we currently have, and to have a large mirror on the wall opposite the windows in an attempt to reflect the little amount of light that enters.
besides that, i’d like to have a bit more of a colour scheme. i love an eclectic mismatched look, but i think it would suit this space well to have it ‘tied together’ a bit more. yellow is one of my favourite colours and i think it’d do a tremendous job in making the room a bit brighter.
i’m a sucker for a good blanket or throw and i think they’re a great way to bring colour into a room as well as being useful. if you’re a fan of a minimal/black and white look in your home, accessories are definitely one of the best ways to bring colour in without being too overwhelming.
do you have any tips for making a dark room seem a little brighter?
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