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The Little Guide to Butterflies book cover

The little guide to butterflies* – £7.99

The little guide to leaves* – £7.99

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if i saw these books in a bookshop, i’d pick them up purely based on the covers. since childhood, i’ve loved animal and nature based books, so that would keep me reeled in. and the kicker? the fantastic illustrations (by tom frost) inside, as well as the informative and interesting text.

they’re hard backed, lovely quality paper and the texture of the illustrations really stand out. easily the kind of books you’d be tempted to buy second copies of so you could frame the images as prints. each book is 96 pages long so they feel nice and substantial, without being overwhelming.

blue butterfly - little guide to butterflies

the little guide to butterflies

eastern tiger swallowtail info

both books – and i assume any subsequent books that may come to be – comprise of the same layout. images of each butterfly/leaf with a thin grey border on one page, and on the opposite page the english name of the butterfly or plant, the latin names and information such as: where they’re from, size, and visual characteristics.

these books, thanks to their smallish size are fantastic as either a reference for home or for carrying out and about in your backpack and referring to. in the back they each have a ‘spotters guide’ which you can tick off, and also as a visual index if you quickly want to find more info about the item you’re looking up.

green butterfly from the little guide to butterflies

the little guide to butterflies spotters guide



the little guide to leaves

begonia leaf illustration

the little guide to leaves

i’ve genuinely learned quite a few things from both these books and discovered a few new to me butterflies and plants. and yes, as always, added a few more plants to my wishlist! the first thing i did when i got these books was to look through and say which butterflies i’d seen, and which plants i have or know of. exactly as i would have done as a child.

like many books i review, i think these would appeal to quite a wide age range. for children they can look at the lovely illustrations and have the text read to them and adults like me will enjoy the text as well as the visual experience. i know for a fact i would have loved these as a child.

fittonia leaf information

the little guide to leaves illustration

the little guide to leaves spotters guide


books provided by hardie grant/quadrille for the purpose of this review. all opinions and photography (of the book, not of the imagery within) as always, my own.

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