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a little bedroom refresh

wooden bird and candle from sainsburys

for quite some time, i’ve felt our bedroom felt a bit ‘meh’. by which i really mean it was lacking in colour, plants and personality. or, well ..uh, my personality. ha! but that has been changed. it’s mostly just one area but it definitely looks a lot more striking. on this chest of drawers was a storage box with some books piled on top. i moved the box, and added some old sketchbooks, my trusty g.f. smith tome and of course some plants. fittonia, parlour palm and peace lily, if you were curious. they seem to be very happy there.

thanks to the kind people at sainsburys, i also have a few new bits scattered around too. a deliciously scented patchouli and black amber candle, and a wooden mid-century-esque bird. it looks so much better there now and i love waking up to see this little area.

the rest has been a slower, more gradual change, but it definitely feels a lot better and more ‘complete’ in there now.

close up of fittonia plant

close up of parlour palm

close up of peace lily

turquoise knitted throw from sainsburys

printmakers lampshade from sainsburys

elsewhere in the room there are a few other new bits too. a turquoise pom-pom throw which ava LOVES sleeping under (will add a photo if i can!) and a lovely grey printed lampshade. we’ve actually never had a lampshade in that room despite living here for 7 years. oops. looks much nicer now!

green cactus lamp and cable & cotton lights

framed house design postcards

spider plant and print from deseenio

books and bedside cabinetbooks on bookshelf

i’ve made a few other little changes too. rearranged my bookshelves. moved a few prints in from other places in the flat. moved my cute cactus lamp from the bathroom to beside the bed and cleared away various bits of clutter. all it needs now is a nice bright rug and i will be happy. well, besides the textured wallpaper that i hate.

you definitely don’t need to do a huge makeover to completely change the feel of a room. if you don’t want to, you don’t even need to spend any money. most of what’s ‘new’ in here is just items that used to be in other rooms of the flat. whether you’re on a budget or not, i feel it’s always a good idea to make good use of what you already own.

what do you think? are you a fan of all the colour and plants, or do you prefer to keep your bedroom minimal and calm?

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  • Reply Jaye 23/08/2017 at 12:21

    These photos are gorgeous! The space really feels like yours!

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