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lionheart magazine | new collage

since doing a couple illustrations for helen in lionheart a good few years ago, i’ve wanted to contribute again, so after a few inbox hiccups i got to work on this piece on an article about getting out of that slump of exhaustion. for some it’s a general depressive thing, for others it can be after some trying times, motherhood, work name it, your body and mind finds a way to be exhausted by it.

helen wanted something colourful that had energy – potentially with a slightly sporty vibe. colourful and energetic i know i can do ..but how was i going to do something sporty and keep my style? well, as it turns out it wasn’t as difficult as i’d envisioned after adding in some florals and my favourite colours. i feel like this fits in my minimal, femme style without being too sparse (or too over the top, which sometimes happens).

what do you think? i’d love to do more work like this, things that challenge me and force me to think outside of my comfort zone a little.

if you’d like to commission a collage from me – for personal use, your blog, licensing or for a publication, you can contact me via email.

collage by laura redburn in lionheart magazine

10 tips to not feel exhausted by helen martin

collage by laura redburn

lettering - i am not exhausted - over illustration by laura redburn

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