Let’s start again…

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Well, hello there!

It’s been …almost a year since I last blogged here. I had planned initially to take a break and start again at the beginning of this year. But then, well, life happened. Other priorities, lack of motivation, etcetera.

I’m making no bold claims that I’ll be blogging regularly again, but I missed having this space of my very own to share. We all know the whims of the algorithim(s) so to have a space that is truly your own is a little bit of a treasure, isn’t it.

I can’t promise (yet) any sort of ‘regular programming’ over here but at the very least I’ll be back to sharing my ‘snapshots‘ and my illustration work again. Might not be weekly, but I’ll be here!

This is all mostly because I just miss sharing a little bit of what I see and what I make here, but also because it helps my work be seen. By which I mean, comissions and income in the past semi-regularly came from people seeing work here on my blog, Pinterest and of course Instagram too.

Firstly I’ll be catching up with some older illustration work, and sharing some favourite ‘snapshot’ photos from the past year in a few posts, also. I’ll aim for a post a week, I think that sounds good for now.

So, uh, nice to be here again, and I hope to add a bit of colour and creativity to your blog feeds!

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