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this wasn’t the post i was originally intending to write on friday, but some things have happened that have driven me away from the computer, and my trusty glue and scissors. and i just haven’t had the time to take photos that do justice to what i want to show you. it feels so wrong to me to not be creative, even for a few days, especially as i’m having so many ideas at the moment. i’m hoping things in my day to day life will improve, and then i can focus more on doing what i love. it is my lifeline, and i know many of you feel the same way about what you love.i am aware that some of you may have already seen this on my tumblr, which is where my site was hosted for quite some time, but there’s some things that i’m proud or excited to have done, and want to have it documented here too. so every now and then i may be posting some older pieces, or older features on sites that i’m particularly proud of. what i wanted to show you today was this illustration i did for laura ashley. i’ve been a fan of them for most of my life, so i was very excited to be approached by them to do an illustration for their blog.

i was asked to choose a couple of products from their shop to illustrate, and i chose the white polka dot large jug and the white large resin poppy. i chose these particular items because i love the versatility of jugs; you can use them for drinks, flowers, for holding paint brushes, and many more things. and the poppy because poppies are my favourite flower. if you wish, you can read my interview on the laura ashley blog here. and here’s the illustration i did for them!  what do you think? i wanted to do something that would fit well with the brand, but also fitting to my style. it was also done entirely on the computer which is a rare thing for me!

laura redburn illustration for laura ashley

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