judging a book by its cover

erwin blumenfeld book

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artist, illustrator, photographer, designer, or just a person that appreciates visual stimulus ..we all do it. judging books by their covers. i mean this in a literal sense, not the metaphorical line about judging people and situations. it can be looked down upon, but i say embrace it!

have you ever taken time to study book covers? the art or photography on them. the lettering or choice of type. the colour combinations and the type of paper. are they bold and minimal or dark and overwhelming? does it have any imagery at all, or just custom type? who designed them? what sort of process goes into making a book cover? a lot of people might just look at a well designed cover and say ‘oh that’s nice!’ (nothing wrong with that by the way) but i really genuinely enjoy looking at book covers – both to get a sense of what’s inside, and on a level that just pleases me aesthetically.

great britain in colour book

botanicum book

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most of my books are art or illustrated ones, hence why i took images of this kind of book for the post, but my point remains with written fiction and non fiction books too. infact, there are some excellent blogs/blog posts and instagram accounts featuring fantastic book covers, or trends in book cover design.

for example: the casual optimist, perfect bound, simon & schuster art works, book cover archive ..and many more.

do you have any particular favourite book covers (and do they also belong to your favourite book)? do you like any particular style of book cover design? or do you not care at all and just want to get stuck into reading/looking at the contents?

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vera: the art and life of an icon book

olle eksell book

sara midda's south of france book

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  • Reply Asti 31/03/2017 at 14:31

    I’m definitely a book cover judger! I primarily read YA fiction and prior to my little phase of book blogging I went through a couple of years ago, judging book covers was my primary way of choosing books (I even wrote a post about it in 2013:

    I find that for the most part I do not like people on covers. I don’t know if it’s because I read fiction and I don’t like being given indicators of how the character should look, but something about people on a cover does not attract me. I mostly like dark covers (black takes up most of my book shelves) with interesting typography or graphic pops. I don’t really necessarily care if the cover always reflects the content. I just want it to catch my eye and move me to pick it up and read the blurb. :)

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