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International Women’s Day | New collage

International Women's Day collage by Laura Redburn

I know International Women’s Day has now passed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the power and all that is wonderful about womankind any and every other day. I did actually make and publish this piece (on Instagram) on International Women’s Day though, and it got possibly the most engagement of anything I’ve ever posted, which was unexpected and lovely.

This is one of my favourite collages I’ve made this year, and one of my overall favourites too. There was no particular image or ‘feel’ in my mind before making this, other than I wanted it to be colourful and ‘feminine’ on some level.

Overall the piece came together quite quickly and easily but I struggled with what to do with the flowers. I had originally started placing them around her body, kind of poking out like they are on her head, but it didn’t feel right. With a little feedback and some intuition I decided to put them on/behind her head, kind of like a crown. I felt this apt because crowns signify power and royalty.

Here’s to the women of the world!


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