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my indoor houseplants – plant tour, tips, and info

Croton plant on G F Smith book

peace lily (spathiphyllum) | croton (codiaeum variegatum)

close up of maranta

this post has been a long time coming, and since i started preparing it i even have a couple new plants, oops. i’ve named all the plants pictured and (hopefully) got the latin names right too. sometimes it helps using those when looking to buy, as well as just learning more about your plants.

there’s a few plants not pictured here. amazon sword, rubber plant, another couple of ferns, my new maidenhair fern, a couple of snake plants and probably a few more. there’s definitely a few plants i have on my wish list as well, but i need either more money or more room. patience!

i thought i’d talk about where i’ve bought my plants and pots, some care tips, and that sort of thing. if you have any questions ask away and i’ll do my best to answer! i sense i may forget to add some things, so this post may be updated from time to time with extra tips, places to buy and the like.

boston fern and tiger paw begonia

tiger paws begonia | spoon jade (crassula portulacea) | sword fern (nephrolepis exaltata)

parlour palm, christmas cactus, maranta and pilea

parlour palm (chamaedorea elegans) | christmas cactus (schlumbergera) | maranta tricolor (maranta leuconeura) | pilea peperomioides

maidenhair fern in pot

maidenhair fern (adiantum aethiopicum)


where to buy plants:

firstly i’m listing places where i’ve bought from, then i’ll add in some online  shops, plant subscriptions, and etcetera.

i’ve bought my plants both online and in person, from: ebay, gumtree, charity shops, homebase, morrisons, tesco, wilkos, lidl and ikea. probably more, but these are the main places i’ve purchased from. a couple have been gifts so i don’t know where they’re from originally. of course there’s garden centres and that type of thing, but as i don’t drive these generally aren’t accessible to me. as an added aside, this might come as a shock to some, but i’ve never spent more than £10 on any single plant. i’d be willing to for the right ones!

i have a few ebay sellers i go back to, which i will recommend if you ask!

in this post the bushier parlour palm, the ficus benjamina and the snake plant were kindly gifted by dobbies. dobbies have garden centers around the UK, but you can buy some plants, gardening accessories online. all other plants pictured i’ve bought myself or have been presents.

want some other places to buy? by no means an exhaustive list, but to start: geo fleur, waitrose garden, etsyrhs plants, craftyplants, totally plants, the palm centre, surreal succulents and places like anthura (that specialise purely in orchids).

i’d also recommend checking out local indie shops in your area, florists and greengrocers too as they sometimes have plants.

where to buy pots and accessories:

i buy all of my plant pots from charity shops, unless the plants come in them or they’ve been given to me. sometimes i use cups and jars too. some suggestions to by pots and indoor gardening accessories include: redcandyumbra, trouva, etsy, made, west elm, habitat, and more.

collection of succulents

i don’t know what this one is called! | sweetheart (hoya kerii) | snake plant (sansevieria) | ghost succulent (graptopetalum paraguayense)

clusia plant in white pot

clusia (clusia rosea)

angel wing begonia from behind

angel wing begonia

white orchid plant

orchid (phalaenopsis)

tips and tricks:

in simple terms, my main advice is don’t over water! also, don’t under water. ha!

generally, succulents and cacti need very little water and are drought tolerant. plants like zz plant, string of hearts and spider plant are not fussy either.

ferns and anything tropical need to be misted regularly and kept moist. keep the humidity up. gather these plants together to form ‘collections’. stand them in trays with pebbles and a little water (not touching the base of the pot) to help with this.

over the summer water plants a little more (don’t overwater!) and fertilize if you wish. in the winter, water only when necessary.

remember to look for signs of poorly plants. these can include: drooping, browning or yellow leaves, pests, falling leaves, root rot and more. in my experience, most problems stem from overwatering. unless it’s a greedy water guzzler, most plants do lot tolerate it and will let you know! if any plants have mites/bugs, move them away from healthy plants.

find the right conditions:

unless they like boggy conditions or are grown hydroponically, remember to use well draining soil and pots with a drainage hole. or, a pot inside of a pot that you can keep an eye on.

find the right spot for your plants. most will welcome bright, indirect light. some prefer it a little darker, but still light. a few will happily thrive in darker conditions. snake plant and peace lily for example. in my experience the only ones that’ll be happy in direct light is succulents. cacti and echiveria for example. anything that originates from desert regions are good with strong light.

dracaena and other plants

fishbone cactus (epiphyllum anguliger) | dracaena (dracaena marginata) | jade (crassula ovata)| donkeys tail (sedum morganianum)

zz plant, oxalis and alligator plant

monstera plant on top of books

zz plant (zamioculcas zamiifolia) | oxalis (oxalis triangularis) | alligator plant (bryophyllum daigremontianum) | swiss cheese plant (monstera deliciosa)

collection of plants

ficus benjamina in grey pot

tradescantia (rhoeo type?) | spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) | fittonia (fittonia albivenis) | weeping fig (ficus benjamina)

close up of jade plant

snake plant and blue star fern

jade (crassula ovata) | blue star fern (phlebodium aureum) | snake plant  (sansevieria)

what’s plants are best to buy?

that depends on your needs and how dedicated you are to plant care!

want something easy, low maintenence and hard to kill?
my suggestions would be snake plant, zz plant, peace lilly, string of hearts, dracaena, spider plant or most common succulents.

want something easy, but needs a little more attention?
my suggestions here would be monstera, orchid, begonias, maranta, and most ferns.

want something pretty but seemingly the most fussy diva ever?
definitely a maidenhair fern. ha! some have luck but this has been my most fussy demanding plant. so pretty though!

that’s all for now..

there’s definitely a lot more to cover, but i want to end this somewhere. i may do a follow up post in the future if you find this particularly useful or i get loads of questions. i am more than happy to advise anywhere i can with anything plant related. you can ask in the comments, via email, twitter or instagram.

thank you so much for reading, and i hope you find this useful!

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  • Reply Lyzi 02/07/2018 at 09:12

    What beautiful plants you have! I recently bought a book called How Not To Kill Your Plants, and it’s very useful haha. xx

    • Reply kitty redburn 06/07/2018 at 09:46

      i’m jealous of your beautiful orchid! i only have a white one, and its last flower just fell off. hopefully i can get it to bloom again! ooh, i think i’ve heard of that book.

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