illustrating & blogging from: new york, US with samantha hahn

samantha hahn is an artist and blogger from new york, US. her blog is called maquette, and it’s where she shares some of her artworks, inspirations, as well as some moments from her life. she’s written a book called Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines and has worked with a variety of clients.

watercolour has always been my favorite painting medium, so to see someone that uses it so well, with so much variety (yet keeping to a style) makes me rather happy. learn more about samantha by reading the interview below.

hey samantha! could you please give us a little intro to your work and your blog?
Samantha Hahn is a New York City based illustrator and blogger (Maquette) working with a range of clients in fashion, beauty, branding, advertising, editorial and publishing. She’s the author of Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines.

do you have a favourite piece that you’ve made?
No, I’ve worked with a range of clients and I always do personal projects. I love a variety of work from illustration the Paris Review to doing fashion illustrations for Lucky Magazine to creating my own book Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines.

what’s been your career highlight so far?
I suppose seeing my book hit shelves was pretty cool.

do you have anything you’d like to achieve in the future?
I always try to set goals for myself, keep a little mental list of clients I’d like to work with and challenge myself to come up with new projects.

if you have one, what is your all time favourite illustration or artwork? why? what does it mean to you?
I really don’t have one. I view illustration as ephemeral. As soon as I finish one project I start another. Then things come to fruition sometimes 6 months after I’ve finished, sometimes a year later, sometimes the next week. I love the that my job and life are not so regimented and that there’s a flurry of activity at all times.

how do you juggle creating and blogging? 
I love blogging. I see maquette as a personal archive of what inspires me from a photo of some cool 70’s icon to a project that’s recently come to fruition. I’m very very diligent about my work and projects. With Maquette I’m looser and more relaxed. I don’t impose deadlines or rules about the quality of content I must post. I just play it fancy free and usually post 3-4 times a week anyhow.

do you have any favourite arty blogs you like to read?
I read a lot of blogs and have lots of blogger friends. I love being connected with the person who is putting the content out there. My maquette sidebar has some favorites listed.

where are your favourite places for art? to see, buy, whatever’s on your mind.
I live in NYC so there are lots of world class museums but I also garner inspiration from pinterest, blogs, magazines, the street…the sky…anywhere I look.

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