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josh lafayette is an illustrator, letterer and just all round awesome guy. i am so on board with people that are kind and like to spread positivity and josh is one of those! i can’t remember how i fist discovered him, but i think it was through society6 a couple years ago. then i remember tuesday bassen mentioning him on twitter & followed immediately! you should too.

if you want to know more about josh, go ahead and read his interview below.

please love yourself illustrated quote by josh lafayettehey josh! could you please give us a little intro to your work and your blog?
I’m a designer and illustrator in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I like to draw letters and food and things that make me laugh. I post a new drawing to my blog every Monday through Friday (just posted number 750 earlier this week!).

louise bourgeois quote by josh lafayette
do you have a favourite piece that you’ve made?
Oh man, that’s a tough one! I recently illustrated a Louise Bourgeois quote, and I really like the way it turned out.

what’s been your career highlight so far?
Well, I hate to be this way, but I got a small project last summer that was super, super exciting for me, but I can’t say anything about it until October! It was with a big company who I’ve loved since I was a kid, they were a dream to work with, and they paid me what I asked—It was really great!!

hand lettered frederick douglass quote

do you have anything you’d like to achieve in the future?
My dream is to own a store front with a studio in the back. I’d make everything in the studio and sell it directly to people in real life. I’d love even more to do this in Europe! :)

if you have one, what is your all time favourite illustration or artwork? why? what does it mean to you?
Oh man, this one’s even harder! I studied art in college—including a ton of art history courses—so I could go on and on about art. I truly love it. I can always find inspiration in the collage works of the Cubists and Dadaists and the paintings of the Impressionists and Neo-Expressionists. Seeing how these groups of people took their knowledge of (and skills in) “proper art,” forgot it, and made something “naïve” is wonderful.

how do you juggle creating and blogging?
My blogging consists mainly of posting new personal work once a day, every weekday, so it goes hand in hand for me. And I’ve been doing it since 2011, so it’s pretty much second nature now!

eat good, be nice, have fun - quote

do you have any favourite arty blogs you like to read?
I mainly use Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with individual artists, but on the rare chance that I look at proper blogs, I like BLDGWLF, DesignWorkLife, and my newest love is the awesomely low-brow, animatedtext.

where are your favourite places for art? to see, buy, whatever’s on your mind.
There’s a great museum here in Boston called The Institute of Contemporary Art (I used to work there!) that I love to visit when the weather is warm. There are a ton of small galleries around the city as well (that I don’t go to as much as I’d like to). I love to walk around the city and see the way architecture and other man-made things interact with nature. That’s a big inspiration for me. It doesn’t really influence my work, but it inspires me to enjoy being alive—an important thing that I often forget to do! :)

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