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the first of the month brings new and exciting things! on the first thursday of each month, i will be interviewing people from all over the globe that are both illustrators and bloggers.

without further ado, i would like to introduce you to the first in this new and exciting series, fritha strickland. she blogs over at tigerlilly quinn, illustrates and is an all round super mama!

you can follow fritha on twitter, facebook and pinterest.

are you an illustrator that blogs often? i’d love to hear from you for this series!

hey fritha! could you please give us a little intro to your work and your blog?

I always find it a little hard to explain my work! When people ask I tend to say ‘it’s kind of childlike, I like drawing animals, love colour and am a fan of a side eye!’. My blog is very much an evolving process, it started out as an illustration blog, then a lifestyle, a pregnancy blog, its just a big mix of all it all really.

do you have a favourite piece that you’ve made?

This changes so much! But I am quite a fan of this little guy. (above left illustration)

what’s been your career highlight so far? what about blog highlight?

I would say I have two career highlights :) one was illustrating the cover on The Metro and the other was getting my design featured in Paperchases 2012 Valentine range (there was a snow globe and everything!)
In terms of a blogging one, my blog is really just a document of my life, my life highlight was having my son Wilfryd!

do you have anything you’d like to achieve in the future?

I don’t consider myself to be hugely motivated by money but I would say I am motivated by success. I constantly want to achieve more and take my blog and work further, I started blogging four years a go now and it has been a slow process in working out what I want to do with it and where I want to take it. I have recently started to work freelance and so I suppose what I would like to achieve is for my blog and illustration work to be at a level where they allow me to do this comfortably!

what is your all time favourite illustration or artwork? why? what does it mean to you?

Laura! This is such a hard question! I love the work of Kelly Puissegur, I bought the ‘Team Darwin’ (pictured above) illustration for Tom recently.

how do you juggle creating and blogging?

I don’t! When I am not mummy-ing, I’m pretty much glued to my laptop, replying to emails, blogging, editing photos, scanning illustrations etc etc, our house is such a state!

do you have any favourite arty blogs you like to read?

umm there is this one, cardboardcities?? I also like The Seventy Tree, Sarah Illustrator and Ruby Hoppen.
where are your favourite places for art in bristol? to see, buy, whatever’s on your mind.

The Here Gallery is my favourite art gallery and shop in Bristol, I tend to mooch around Gloucester road there are some lovely charity shops and boutiques there too!

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