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the illustrated dust jacket* – £24.95

i love book covers. a lot. they give me an immense amount of visual joy that, at this point, often provide an emotional response too. though i’m a sucker for a good photo or type based cover, you just can’t beat an illustrated cover.

this book was made for people like me. those that are inexplicably drawn to book covers –  and yes – will sometimes judge a book by it’s cover.

the illustrated dust jacket | pinokkio

the illustrated dust jacket | the artists

the book (which of course has a fantstic illustrated dustjacket cover itself) covers (ha!) the 1920’s to the 1970’s so whilst it’s rich and full of interest, may not be the place to go if you’re looking for more modern covers. but, as with anything, illustrated covers now have a strong tie to the past. if you’re interested in looking at older covers and seeing illustration styles change as well as the times in which the books reside, i’d highly recommend getting this book for yourself.

the illustrated dust jacket - inside detail

the illustrated dust jacket | a tale for midnight

it begins with an introduction to styles and genres and then goes on to profile 50 artists in alphabetical order by surname.  if you’re looking for dates, these are alongside each piece and because of how the book is laid out, aren’t in chronological order.

there’s quite a variety of styles, and if you know a little art (well, illustration) history and are aware of styles at certain times, you can quite easily pick out what belongs to what sort of time period. there’s some really fantastic covers in here that i still can’t fully process it. definitely the kind of book you’ll pick up time and time again to constantly be inspired by.

the colours, the type, the texture, the scale, the unusual, the simple’s truly wonderful and it feels like the book version of a treasure chest you just want to keep dipping into.


the illustrated dust jacket - a book review

the illustrated dust jacket | a book review

the illustrated dust jacket | 4 book covers

the book is well laid out, big enough you get decent size images but just the right size that it doesn’t feel cumbersome. the quality of the book scans is great and everything sits well together. nothing feels out of place here and you can open it anywhere and just start reading (or looking) without feeling like you’re missing important backstory.

without doubt, i would highly recommend the illustrated dust jacket if you’re interested in book covers, illustration, design, colour or just want a burst of inspiration. truly wonderful.

book provided by thames & hudson for the purpose of this review. all opinions and photography (of the book, not of the imagery within) as always, my own.

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