i have this thing with …walls

pink wall with ivy growing from the right

i love looking through my past photos and seeing consistent themes. it’s funny how sometimes you don’t fully realise you have a ‘thing’ for something until you see that proof before your eyes. a nice kind of confrontation.

one such thing for me is walls, and i guess more specifically painted bricks. is it the uniformity – or sometimes the lack of? is it that i’m seeing something special in something others would consider mundane? am i just a little crazy?

paint splashes, peeling posters, ghost signage, holes and more. there’s definitely a little magic in walls. what do they encase? who lives or works inside them? what history do these walls contain?

do other people even think about walls this much?


i have this thing with… reflections
i have this thing with…peeling posters & surfaces
i have this thing with… shadows
i have this thing with …plants

pink wall with peeling paint

brick wall spray painted pink

orange red wall, penybryn rd

peeling posters on brick wall

‘Life is for each man a solitary cell whose walls are mirrors’ – Eugene O’Neill

signage - strictly private

hovis ghost sign

yellow and black graffiti

green wall and drainpipe

‘Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage’ – Richard Lovelace

retro green tiles

pale blue wall with flowers

blue wall with coloured cladding outside

blue wall with orange graffiti and white head sillhouette

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