i have this thing with …cameras

photography is a big part of my life. has been since i was a child and probably always will be. i’ve not had many constants in my life, but photography – whether taking photos or enjoying them – has always been there with me. some of my fondest memories from when i was younger either involve taking photos, learning about photography from my dad or looking through photos, slides and negatives, whether my dads or in books or magazines.

i wouldn’t say i take photos every day, but for the past 12 or so years i’ve pretty much consistently done so. mostly on digital cameras, but on film cameras too. my favourite is my (currently broken) olympus xa1, but i have been loving the supercolor polaroid i won a few months back too.

in more recent terms, i’ve been blogging here for almost 5 years so having a ‘reason’ to share my photos has only made me love taking them even more. i’ve been much more consistent with taking them, whether for posts or because i want to, and because of this i can see a real improvement and i’ve really managed to hone my own style. not that my photos are overly original or anything, but people often say they know my photos.

olympus xa1

kodak instamatic 104

because of this huge love of my life, it’s only natural i’ve collected a few cameras over the years. the film ones i’ve tended to keep (a couple previous ones have been stolen or lost) but a couple of the ones in this post i’ve found in charity shops but never used ..the instamatic 104 above, and the voigtlander at the bottom of the post.

as much as i love photography, i love looking at cameras too. some are just so beautiful.

some are quirky and have a special charm, some are nostalgic and some look like total workhorses that have so many stories to tell.

i often say i’m not a writer because …i’m really not. but taking photos is so natural to me, so i hope my pictures do the talking!

fuji x10 camera

yashica minister D

‘The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera’ – Dorothea Lange

voightlander tlr camera

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