i have this thing with …accidental photos

out of focus

don’t worry, there’s not anything wrong with your eyes!

i’m not sure when i developed a soft spot for (often) out of focus, accidental photos. the kind where i didn’t realise i even took a photo – like when taking my camera out of my bag – or when i accidentally press the shutter before it’s had a chance to focus where i want.

regardless of how it happens, i often end up liking these photos. sometimes, actually more than the ones i intend to take. i like a little bit of magic in the everyday, however that may come about. and photos like these (to me, anyhow) contain it.

abstraction often speaks to me, both in paintings and photography. infact, i recently came across this book, and i definitely want to get it as it looks to be about exactly what i see in this kind of photo.

i think my wonderful friend yasumi would definitely agree that once you start to see the magic in the everyday, in the mundane (even if your photos aren’t accidental) you will start to see wonderful abstract art everywhere you go. magic is everywhere.

ombrepavement stones

double yellows


Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. – Camille Pissarro

yellow tarp

apple tree bokeh

pink ribbed bag

I think you can find all the elements that you can find in great literature in mundane experiences – Harvey Pekar

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