i have this thing with …pink

peeling pink paint

i had a seemingly endless amount of photos to choose from for this one, ha. i do love pink. i never used to though, and it’s only really been in the past 5 or so years that my love has grown. i’m never going to be an all out obsessive – wearing and decorating every part of my life in the rosy hue, but without doubt it holds prominence in my heart. i’m especially drawn to it in the outdoors. of course i can’t resist a pretty pink flower, but really i mean walls, doors, peeling paint and in areas you might overlook.

pink is a colour i use in my work quite a bit too. i try not to go too overboard with it, but sometimes it’s just the perfect fit. a little can do a lot, but sometimes ‘too much’ is actually just right. i’m no minimalist, folks.

contrary to opinion though, pink isn’t actually my favourite colour (turquoise is, then yellow) but it’s very high up there. i can’t quite explain why i love pink in the way i do, or why i even started to. it just called to me and i picked up.

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collage by laura reburn for lionheart magazine

pink stationery from present and correct

pink bag and red coat

Almost all words do have color, and nothing is more pleasant than to utter a pink word and see someone’s eyes light up and know it is a pink word for him or her, too. – Gladys Taber

pink plant pot in poole

roses in roath park

collage of liv purvis by laura redburn

pink padlocked door

pink cushions close up

Surrender the vert platonic bond tying your soul to mine craft, the sky fades a pink shadow cast. – Bradley Chicho

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