i have this thing with …pink and blue

pink and blue graffiti on brick wall

pink and blue has pretty much been my favourite colour combo for as long as i can remember. it’s just always so good. no matter the balance of colour, the shape, the tones or intensity. it just has an appeal i can’t quite put into words. i’m drawn to it in whatever form it seems to come in. in nature, in clothing, in paintings, packaging and more. you name it, if it’s got some combination of pink and blue, i’ll be appreciatin’.

is there much more to say on the matter? some things in life just work, and pink and blue is way up there for me.

this isn’t some deep insightful post about the theory of colour (obviously) – just a simple appreciation. nowt wrong with that.

do you feel the same about this combo? does it spark something in you, too?

pink and blue pastel striped top

yves saint laurent book on pink background

scene from isle of dogs exhibition

pink blossom against blue sky

postcards from i-d

pink plasterboard against blue-grey wall


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