i have this thing with …leaves

Collage of photos of leaves

having a thing for plants and nature, it’s only natural i’m drawn to leaves, too.

i’m particularly captivated by unusual leaves, but who wouldn’t be? of my houseplants, my monstera and angel wing begonia are most definitely favourites. saying this, maidenhair fern leaves are pretty special. looking through old photographs i definitely seem to focus in on leaves especially where flowers aren’t abundant. i actually didn’t realise quite how many photos of leaves i’ve taken over the years.

did you know: four-leafed clovers gain their extra leaves as a result of stress.

as a person that loves pink, i’m obviously drawn to plants with pink or pink hued leaves. there’s actually quite a few. i wonder why that is? what causes plants to have pink in their leaves? green leaves always look good against pink too. i assume it’s because pink is close to red, and green and red are complementary colours. if you like plants against pink backgrounds, you’ll definitely enjoy the instagram account plants on pink.

colourful collage of leaves

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” — Emily Bronte

do leaves speak to me just because i love nature? because they can be beautiful in their own right? because they can create amazing shadows? is it just a human nature thing? do i have so many plants in my home because i love leaves, or because i love plants? i have a lot of questions. yet, at the same time i don’t question this love. to be completely honest, it’s not something i’ve even thought about much. i’ve just always been interested by leaves kind of by default, and never really questioned it.

have you ever found a leaf ‘skeleton’? aren’t they beautiful! so delicate. like natures lace. i love how hydrangea petals seem to naturally do this as they decay. slightly off topic, but relevant – did you know there’s a flower called ‘diphylleia grayi’ that turn transparent as they get wet? isn’t nature fascinating!

black and white collage of leaves

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” – Walt Whitman


by the way – if you want to learn a little more about some lovely leaves, in an illustrated format, i have a review of the little guide to leaves. for a small book there’s a good bit of information in there, and will be sure to engage your interest.

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