home decor wishlist

home decor wishlist

home decor wishlist

dominoes cushion / ‘dalmatian’ trinket box/ kono lamp / vintage swedish vase / 50’s wall clock/ retro mint vase

do you ever put together wishlists and not realise until after that everything you’ve chosen fits within the same colour scheme? that totally happened here. but turquoise and yellow are two of my favourite colours, so i feel naturally drawn to them. black and white are always a winner in my book, too. i must admit i’m surprised there’s no pink in there.

like many others, i definitely have a ‘dream home’ in my head and it’s stayed pretty much the same for many years. décor wise i’d want it to be colourful, a mix between minimal and eclectic (no set ‘theme’ but not in disarray either), with lots of vintage (or vintage looking like this indian furniture) and antique items and lots of pattern …obviously. i can see it in my head so clearly. and on my pinterest too, come to think of it.

my dads love of antiques has definitely transferred to me, but as i often can’t afford things like that, i tend to go for vintage (so, still old, just not as old) and items that have a retro feel to them. sometimes this just means that the item will have a ‘quirky’ look to them, like that interesting looking kono lamp or things like the cushion that could fit in with many kinds of decor whilst still having a retro appeal.

if like me you’re on a budget, places like etsy, ebay and charity shops are fantastic for looking for one of a kind pieces that no one else will have. it’s always worth taking some time to look around to find items that are perfect for you and your home.

tell me about your dream home. where is it? what does it look like? do you actually have it?

disclosure: collaborative post. all words and opinions my own.

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