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if there is one non essential (yet completely essential) fact you need to know about me, it’s that i LOVE crisps. i just love the texture and the crunch and the savoury flavour. since being diagnosed with coeliac disease, there’s a few favourites i’ve had to cut out. which means i have a totally justifiable reason to try lots of new crisps to make up for it right? that’s what i’m going with.

anyway, the awesome folks at hippeas sent me a big box of their organic chickpea puffs to try. i’m quite picky and a lot of ‘puffy’ crisps either tend to be too soggy to too dry. reader, these are JUST RIGHT. they’re so, so full of flavour, but not in an overwhelming way. they’ve got a good crunch but not too harsh. there’s a good amount in each bag and if it matters to you, they’re also vegan and full of protein. and no, they don’t taste of chickpeas (which i adore by the way).

peas, love and giving back - hippeas

i thought i’d do a little breakdown of the flavours:

cheese and love

i went for these first as i love cheese. compared to a well known very orange cheesy puffed crisp, these are basically a ‘grown up’ version. they’re also (in my opinion) a lot nicer. more subtle, but definitely cheesy, in a natural kind of way. because of the name i thought they’d have lovage in (which i’m not hugely keen on) but it’s just part of the name. overall, very nice but not my favourite.

in herbs we trust

unexpectedly, these were my favourite. i absolutely devoured these ones. the herb mix is just right and i particularly love rosemary and thyme together. quite the classic combo. i also had a few of these crumbled in some soup like some croutons and that was an excellent idea, i have to say. hippeas, make herby croutons please!

hippeas crisps info

far out fajita

i liked these the least. i’m not entirely sure why, but the flavour didn’t quite sit right with me. which is weird as i like all the herbs that flavour them. for me, i preferred these with some sort of dip or spread. i think these are the only ones i wouldn’t buy.

sweet & smokin’

considering i’m not really a bbq-ish flavour fan, i really liked these – it’s normally too sweet or the smokiness is either not there or way too strong. i do love paprika though, so that may be why i was such a fan of these. these have a sweetness to them, but not in a saccharine way and the overall flavour is nice and rounded.

flavours aside, i really like their branding, lovely golden yellow packaging and that they’re doing their bit to spread good vibes and help people out. i’ve not seen hippeas in my area of cardiff yet, but if i saw them i’d happily buy a bag (or two) and crunch away.

hippeas chickpea puffs provided for the purpose of this review.
all opinions and photography as always, my own.

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