i have this thing with …signage & found type

eroded green and pink surface

grace house pub in poole
i think probably one of the most common themes in my photographs besides nature and shadows, is type.

wherever you go, it’s there. whether it’s bold, faded ghostsigns, tiny type, carved, made of metal’s everywhere. and i’m always just so completely drawn to it. sometimes it’s pretty ugly or plain, sure. but when you begin to look, you see beauty everywhere.

on my travels near and far, i’m always up for some type spotting. in cardiff, bath, poole, tenby, herefordshire and more. on torn layered posters and so much more. sometimes i don’t realise quite how drawn to it i am until i look through my photos. i definitely have a tendency for ‘proper’ signwriting as well as neon and faded type. to me though, as long as it’s pretty or interesting i’m into it, ha! interesting or unusual settings can definitely help too.

i genuinely found it difficult to chose some favourites here. are you a type spotter? or do you prefer your type purely in books?

emerson house nameplate

kobayashi park at the wes anderson isle of dogs exhibit

feccis ice cream sign in tenby

Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters. ― Matthew Carter

peeling posters on brick wall in cardiff

ferris wheel at rhs cardiff

kiels, milsom street, bath

pastel peeling posters

Typography is an art. Good typography is Art. – Paul Rand

abbey dairy signage, bath

we r one label on beach house in poole

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