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harvest tour of westons cider mill

westons cider mill house

firstly, a big thank you to westons for inviting us along for a tour! a couple of fridays ago i, and a small group of bloggers were invited along to westons cider mill for a tour of the inner workings and the orchards, as well as some cider tasting. it being harvest time of year, there was of course plenty of colour outside and it was especially nice walking through the organic apple orchards taking photos.

it was fascinating to see and be told about the process of cider and perry making. as you’re shown around the grounds you get to see pretty much every part of it.

westons cider mill is family run and has been going since 1880 and it felt like a real privilege to be shown ‘behind the scenes’, from collecting and washing the apples to bottling and the rest of the production line. even if you dont particularly like cider, it’s just so interesting to see what goes on to make these delicious beverages.

it was quite staggering to stand in the vat shed, with huge (and i mean *huge*) oak vats looming above us. they still use the original and some of the early vats from when the mill first opened, too!

millstone at westons cider mill

h weston and sons sign

tour of westons cider mill

apples being washed

ancient oak vat

close up of an oak vat at westons cider mill

oak vat in vat shed

after the tour we were treated to lunch (which was delicious) which was of course the perfect opportunity to sample a couple of the ciders! after this we went up to a lab area and got to try a couple more. we tried some ‘bases’ as well as a selection of finished ciders.

my favourite, and seemingly the most popular was the handbrake damson cider. now, i love plums and plum flavoured things so i knew i’d enjoy it! weirdly, i found it too sweet for my nose, but as soon as i tasted it i knew that little sample wouldn’t last long!

another favourite of mine was one of the newer offerings, caple rd – it almost had a slight toffee-ish whiskey taste to it. as a side note and as a visual design orientated person i just have to point out i love the packaging on this one. the black on yellow really stands out and i love the fonts used.

such a fantastic day out and i highly recommend a tour of the westons cider mill to anyone, especially this time of year.

lots more photos after the jump!

cider 'cheese' press

steel vats of cider and perry

close up of old rosie sign

close up of vats at westons cider mill

red apples after being harvested

pears for perry

fallen apples in westons orchard

apple orchard trees in autumn

apples on the ground

millie and zoe

apples in tree

lou under a tree

close up of hanging apple

cider taste testing

handbrake damson cider

westons caple rd cider


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  • Reply Millie Chip 31/10/2016 at 11:30

    Wonderful, what beautiful photos!
    Love the write up as well, Laura, it was a lovely day indeed!
    Such a nice time spent together. x

  • Reply Molly 31/10/2016 at 14:22

    Oh these photos are just stunning Laura! I love the way you see colour and unique angles in all your photos. So beautiful. Looks like a fantastic day. x

  • Reply Slummy single mummy 31/10/2016 at 15:16

    This all looks really fun, although very different from when I went to Wilkins cider farm a couple of weeks ago. That was definitely more on the rustic side! Great cider though :-)

  • Reply Penny Alexander 31/10/2016 at 21:51

    What beautiful photos, just stunning, love the apples on the conveyor belt! Cable Rd sounds like it might be my fave too.

    • Reply laura redburn 29/11/2016 at 14:46

      thank you so much! ah it was so cool seeing the whole process.

  • Reply Alice 01/11/2016 at 14:19

    This looks so COOL! I love proper west country cider and it must have been amazing to see the process of it being made from start to finish.

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