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boy, it is hard to take decent photos in low light (when you’re used to using natural light anyway). it was a bit dark and dreary when i took these photos anyway, but our living room has very little natural light coming in, as there’s a house right next to us that blocks a lot of it out. it’s like being in a different time zone in there sometimes!

i don’t know how old this flat is (it’s the bottom floor of a house), but i will tell you, it gets FREEZING in here. it’s often warmer outside which is annoying when all you want to do is snuggle up and be warm. because we can’t afford to have our heating on much, we rely on blankets and other means of getting warm and cosy.

i love this heart cushion, it’s from ikea, but i got it from a charity shop. it’s really nice and soft, but firm so great for my achey back!

i was recently contacted on behalf of homeserve winter bloggers challenge to make a room a little more cosy, and i knew the living room was the perfect suspect! we were gifted £50 b&q vouchers to buy whatever we needed. i also bought a couple items in from elsewhere in the house to make it a bit more homely in there.

..by the way, we don’t have/do christmas decorations, so if you’re wondering where they are, it’s not because i’ve forgotten them, haha. also, i was stupid and forgot to take before photos, so, though there’s not a drastic difference, you’ve nothing to compare to. whoops!

it wasn’t until i’d taken these photos, that i realised how much i hate the brown carpeting in here. i’d way prefer black, or cream, or a pale grey. still, with my new cream beanbag it’s nice to put my feet up and snuggle under the duvet (pictured above). blankets and duvet are much needed in this cold flat!

getting to and from my local b&q was such an ordeal. because i don’t drive there was a lot of walking. which meant walking in the pouring rain and ridiculously strong winds in the dark by myself and getting lost. luckily i made it back home in one piece ..just about. as soon as i got in i took my shoes off and plonked my feet firmly on that beanbag.

i’ve wanted an anglepoise style lamp for years, and when i came across this one (the isaac blue large tall desk lamp) on the b&q site, i knew it needed to be mine! it adds some much needed light to the room in the evening (which obviously adds to cosiness, who likes a cold dark room?!), and i love just looking at it in the day too. i love how big it is! i obviously had to go for a turquoise one, as it’s my favourite colour. it’s a bit darker in real life than pictured on the site, but it’s still lovely. sorry for the messy room ..but hey, that’s how it looks most of the time.

on the subject of lights, i also got this haymarket cylinder lampshade in ‘duck egg’. the main ceiling light has had no lampshade for ages now and i felt it just looked empty and cold. it definitely finishes off the room a bit more! i remembered this quick lamp makeover on a beautiful mess and snazzed it up with a squiggly pattern, which i really like the look of.

plants on the windowsill (or anywhere really) make a home much nicer, don’t they? that jade/money plant next to the green cat i’ve had longer than we’ve been living here! still going strong.

and here’s ava (winking!) all cosied up in the duvet and a blanket, she loves being wrapped up in blankets, which i always find adorable.

i was a bit disappointed that the b&q nearest to me didn’t have most of the items i’d wanted to get (a nice blanket, candles, a small rug etc), so it’s not a cosy a feel in here as i wanted, but hey, it’s progress!

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