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collages of fritha from tigerlillyquinn

i’ve followed frithas blog ( for longer than pretty much anyone elses. of course i read blogs before i discovered hers and made friends with said people, but for whatever reason the lines of communication frazzled out, but since discovering hers i’ve stuck by it for years. it’s been so lovely to see little wilf grow up, and to see sweet mabli too.

as may be obvious if you know either me or fritha, we are both big fans of colour and have very similar style when it comes to home-ware and fashion. so, when she approached me asking me to do a few images for her style posts from time to time, how could i resist?

sometimes when working with a friend on something it can be a bit daunting – you’re afraid you’re somehow going to really disappoint them or suddenly not see eye to eye on something. but fritha has always been wonderful to me and of course i really appreciate her asking me to do these for her. it does help that i absolutely love her taste in clothes.

if you’re a blogger and would like a portrait for your blog, or for instagram/anywhere else, get in touch via email and we’ll discuss your needs.

collage of tigerlilly quinn - by laura redburn

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