friday florals

friday florals 011

it’s friday! despite it being really up and down it’s actually passed quite quickly. i still can’t get over how fast this year has passed already! do you like the new layout for friday florals? (i’ve changed cardboardcities crush to the same too) i think it looks so much better. more room for the images, which are what really matter here, right?
friday floral collage
clockwise from top left // kate edwards photography, cake from the flourishing foodie blog, living toom makeover from justina blakeney blog, ponds dreamflower

» i really like this photo. it’s atmospheric without being overly so. does that make sense? LOVE the flowers in her hair.

» that cake. oh my. the icing is perfect, right? the flowers on top just add to that perfection.

» i love the idea of painting the area of wall behind the shelf to make a real feature of whatever is on it. there’s so many possibilities with this idea! also, quite a bold move with this colour.

» if you know me at all, you’ll know i love tins, jars ..containers in general, and if they have a floral pattern, well, that just adds to the appeal for me!

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