friday florals 002

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i’m already so glad i started this friday florals series.

i don’t know how much more i can explain to you just how much i love flowers and floral patterns other than blurting it out or something ridiculous. i know floral has become a bit of a trend lately, but florals are for life! for me anyway. there’s no way i would ever limit something i love so much just for the sake of it not being trendy anymore. i love fashion and clothes, but personally i just don’t believe in dressing for trends and fads.

what’s your stand on florals? do you prefer something more minimal, or crazy patterns?

collage of floral items, creature comfort peony cushion, donna ricco floral dress from nordstrom, jan kath rug, janet hill painting

clockwise from top left // creature comforts peony cushion, donna ricco floral sheath dress, jan kath rug,  janet hill

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