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free printable #1 – alright, alright, alright

alright alright alright print by laura redburn

i haven’t decided yet whether this’ll be a monthly blog occurrence, or purely a newsletter thing (incidentally, also monthly) – but i’d like to start sharing a free printable with you all each month. it is/will be a4 but you can size it down if you prefer. i’m going to try and do a mix of type based, and collage based things each month. no particular theme, just whatever pops into my mind when i sit down to make it.

do you know what film this is from? i hope you do. i’m not giving away anything if you don’t ;)

if you have any ideas or suggestions for future ones, let me know!

download the printable (a4) here

this print is for personal use only, meaning you can download and print it for yourself or friends, but it cannot be sold, or used commercially at all.


looking for something creative for your website, blog, newsletter, publication or something else? or some collage based graphics for blog posts and articles? then i’m your gal. you can get in touch via email to discuss.

more of my work | my portfolio

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