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Fly away with me… | New collage

Fly Away With Me - Collage by Laura Redburn

Next up on ..uh, catching up on sharing my collages on the blog (what an unnecessary mouthful) is this piece. This was part of an influencer campaign for Adobe Creative Cloud*. We were commissioned to make a new piece of work to promote Adobe Creative Cloud. We were also asked to make a sequence to be shared on their stories – a behind the scenes on how our pieces ‘came to life’.

This is what I came up with! This one was totally off the cuff. I had no idea what I was going to do for this piece beforehand. This is actually often how I work, especially when making pieces for myself, or a really open brief. Definitely a ‘go with your gut’ type person when it comes to making. This doesn’t work so well with set or strict briefs, but it does enable me to think in a more lateral manner.

Basic step by step of making a collage

I thought I’d also share those behind the scene pieces, as they’re no longer available in the Instagram highlights. Plus, just thought it would be nice to share more of that on the blog! They’re very simplified, but still offer a little insight.

What do you think? And would you like more blog (or Instagram) showing the process of how I work, or the progress of pieces before they’re finished? I always struggled showing this sort of thing in the past, but I hope to show more of this. I actually think it’d help me too, as it’ll encourage me to generally share more.

Basic step by step of making a collage - parts 2 & 3

Basic step by step of making a collage - step 4

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