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flower power & penelope | new collages

i’m just going to take a personal moment to ‘woohoo’ that i am finally on a proper collage making roll again. woohoo! long may it last.

i’m not the kind of person that’s incredibly prolific, and in this ‘more more more now now now’ world i’m glad i don’t let myself succumb to pressure or guilt that i should constantly be churning out work. of course you should always push yourself when you can, and you should work hard and have passion for what you do, but that doesn’t always equate to constant creation. it’s not possible for everyone, and even prolific creatives are (more) prone to burn out from time to time.

i think if you want to stay on top of the game these days you do need to get your work out there though. whether this be via social media (instagram & twitter are great for this), visual search engines like pinterest, email campaigns, blog posts, hiring a PR, in person networking can do any or all of this without constantly creating new pieces. share older work, share works in progress ..hell, share out-takes and doodles!

if you can get eyes on your work and ideally catch someones attention enough to commission you then as long as you have work out there (ideally your best) then that’s the important thing.

i’ve found in the past it can be hard sometimes to feel like creating without a ‘reason’ like a commission. having responsibility to create something for an audience, even if it’s just an audience of one, can really spur you on. as well as making an earning from doing what you love, too, let’s be honest. personal work can be so incredibly rewarding and can often actually be the work that gets you noticed. so, create when you can, don’t let the pressure get to you, and most of all feed your passion for your craft.

if you’d like to commission a pattern or collage from me, for personal use, licensing or for a publication (or anything else), you can contact meΒ via email.

penelope collage by laura redburn

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