flashback friday

eating ice-cream
remember a while ago i said i’d share some childhood photos? well, it took me ages but i finally scanned some to show you! because we’ve moved loads of times quite a few have gotten lost, but between my sister, dad and myself there’s still a fair few remaining. looking through them i realise i hardly have any photos of my dad, but that’s because he was taking them all.

i clearly loved ice-creams from a young age, ha. also i really want a garden swing seat again. i loved sitting in that in the shade of the garden when i was little (though obviously i don’t remember this time because i was still a baby). loving that fabric too.

in the pram
on the swings
i was blonde until about 5 or so, then all of a sudden it went a reddish mousey brown and then kind of eventually got darker. i’m so sad i don’t have an adult version of that dress, because ..look at it, it is just amazing. so many clothes from when i was little i wish i still had! gotta say, the parents dressed us well. i also realise now i seem to have a lot of photos of me on swings. kids like swings though right?

holding photos
haha, this photo. i have a chip on one of my front teeth because i hit it on one of the bars on a bus. luckily it was still a baby tooth because that’d be pretty crappy to still have now. in my hand i’m holding some photos. i can’t remember what they were of but i took them everywhere with me.

i remember loving photography from a young age. probably because of my dad, he always took loads of photos. i used to love when he’d get photos though the post from having negatives processed. i can still rememeber excitedly opening them, looking at all the photos and then squinting through the negatives too.

tennis rackets in garden
i’ve always loved this photo. just always makes me laugh. were we asked to pose like that or did we just do it? i’ll never know.

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