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ahh, a cuppa is extra nice in the winter, isn’t it? as well as filling a need for thirst, the warmth and comfort it gives is like a little hug. i mostly drink green tea, but there have been times past when i’ve popped a dash of brandy in (to ‘normal’ milkless tea) for a little christmas treat. add in some honey and you’ve basically got a hot toddy!

i’m the kind of person that believes the cup or mug (or glass) you drink from makes a huge difference to your enjoyment and experience. this orla kiely mug is not only enjoyable to me because it’s orla kiely print and i love orla kiely, but it’s bone china too and i swear tea is best from bone china.

also handy to avoid ruining your surfaces are some good coasters. i have some fantastic ones from block that i use every day, but it’s nice to have a bit of change, so these sass & belle ones will now come in handy ..and they look cute too!

poison tin and pill box

umbra storage box - brooches

umbra storage box

talk about coming in handy, the rest of these items are super useful too!

the poison pocket box would be perfect for business cards, little loose bits that you can’t fit in your purse but don’t want floating about your bag, or, what i’m currently using it for, stashing the £ that i’m saving for a new laptop. which feels like a time that will never come, but that’s a different story.

the pill box – conveniently in the shape of a pill – will probably become a permanent fixture in my bag as i always need to carry various tablets with me ..antihistamines, painkillers and more. it doesn’t have separate compartments but i just pop in a tiny bit of tissue to separate them. at least now i don’t have to worry about forgetting and carrying clunky boxes.

perhaps the most useful of all is the umbra storage box, which can be used for a multitude of things. i think it was originally made for make up storage, but for me (despite having a lot of lipstick) it’s come in more useful to store extra pens, brooches and general stationery items like scissors and my mini stapler. it has a handy compartment underneath too for even more storage. it’s now on my chest of drawers which house all my other art supplies.

flamingo have SO many things in their shop, and it would be a fantastic place to get some christmas and birthday presents for your friends and loved ones. i warn you though, it will be hard to choose!

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  • Reply Saskia 10/12/2015 at 10:21

    Their stuff looks very cool! Going to have a look now!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

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