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five hundred
five hundred, you ask? 500 is the number of posts i’ve now written on this blog. that sounds like so much in under 2 years that i can barely believe i’ve actually hit publish that many times. i wonder how many words that amounts to, how many pictures. how many experiences, camera clicks, pages of books turned, times spent illustrating and how many countless times i’ve pressed backspace on my keyboard.

500 posts amounts to a whole lot more to me than what might seem like ‘just a blog’ to others. in the time of those 500 posts (about a year and a half) i’ve learned so much. i’ve gotten a lot better at photography, which was one of my goals when i began this. i’ve shared my illustration work, gotten better in some ways and changed my direction a bit. i’ve learned how to share my thoughts in a (somewhat) cohesive manner and though it may not seem like it to some, i’ve generally improved my writing skills.

i’ve had the opportunity to discover amazing illustration, photography, shops, and people. it’s also given me the opportunity to work with wonderful people and brands, which in turn has helped me to be a little more business minded but still be creative with it. it’s given me the opportunity to make friends that are awesome and talented in so many different ways, and in turn be inspired by them to be a better creative and a better person.

this blog has given me focus. ironically, the blog isn’t the focus, but it’s given me focus in life in forcing me to think differently. it’s given me the focus (and inspiration and strength) i need to make and experiment with my art. my goodness it’s given me more ideas than i’ve ever had in my life. it’s given me hope and confidence (and nerves and worry) and so much more than i ever expected.

here’s to 500 more!

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