first photos with the olympus e-m10 & panasonic 25mm 1.7 lens

red berries against brick wall

leaves growing over wire fence

i feel like i need to preface this by saying this is by no means a ‘proper’ review, and just some rambling from a person who loves cameras and taking photos. also, had it been a warmer, less windy day and i’d not been getting over an ankle injury, i would have ventured further for some more interesting photos.

it took me a while to do so, but after realising i barely used or took my DSLR out anymore, i decided to finally sell it and get a mirrorless camera.

so here we are. goodbye 650d, hello olympus e-m10! it took me a long time to do this, as well as to decide what mirrorless camera to get. once that was decided, the lens was an easy decision!

my sony compact is great, and i still take it pretty much everywhere with me. it fits in my coat pocket, and easily in most of my bags too. but although i had my dSLR, it just felt like such an effort to take it out with me. clunky and reasonably heavy (despite being largely plastic) doesn’t play well with weak wrists and a bad back.

of course, i love the control and being able to play around with different lenses. so, it seemed the perfect time to get a mirrorless camera. smaller, with the same degree of control (manual mode, raw images, etc) and the ability to use different lenses? honestly don’t know why i didn’t do it sooner.

black and white self portrait in mirror

i was mostly drawn to the sony a6000 and the olympus e-m10. though the sony wins out a little in terms of specs, olympus – with it’s micro four thirds system won out for me because it’s compatible with more lenses, and i can still use my vintage lenses with it too. in my ebay searches it was reasonably cheaper, and of course i am a sucker for the retro design too.

it arrived a few days ago, and the lens only on friday – so on sunday (today, as i’m writing this) i took it out for a proper test run after a few snaps around my home. enough chatting for now, some more photos!

monstera leaves close up

tree and telegraph wires

berries on barren bush

camellia close up

i can honestly say i’m really pleased with both the camera and lens. they’re easy to use (though the menu system takes a while to get acquainted with) and the autofocus in particular is super fast. for some reason i can’t get the wifi on the camera to work, which is annoying but not a dealbreaker. i think it’s going to take a while to figure out how to edit my photos in the same way as past cameras, but i’m sure that’ll come quickly. the quality of the images is fantastic and i can’t wait to use this camera more!

wheel in front of house

tortoiseshell cat in shadow

no written in red paint

close up of blue and white car

black and white cat in front of purple door

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