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first day of spring | new collage

Spring Equinox collage by Laura Redburn

Almost caught up on sharing past work now! Better make some new work then, eek. It’ll happen, it’ll happen.

Today, here’s a colourful floral number. I’m basically going to paraphrase what I said on Instagram (where I orginally shared this post), and say that I made it for the turning of the Spring equinox. Well, I’d planned to but I couldn’t get it to look how it did in my mind, so I posted it a few days later.

I think that’s part of what’s blocking me from making work as much as I used to. The ‘it not looking how it did in my mind’ thing. I’m by no means a perfectionist but it can be a real letdown when something looks nothing how you imagined. That can be good sometimes though! It’s definitely a something I need to work on.

This piece kind of marked a point where I’ve started making a little more work again though. To anyone but me it looks like I rarely make anything, but slowly (very slowly) I feel like I’m starting to make a little progress. Or maybe I’m kidding myself, ha!
To end this post, I’ll end as I did on Instagram – a quote from Monet –

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”⠀


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